75-Ball Bingo

Ease yourself in to our bingo rooms before advancing to the bigger cards with our compact and bijou 75 ball games.

Here's a quick summary of 75-ball bingo rules but if you're interested in learning more, please read our full 75-Ball Game Help article.

Each card has a 5 by 5 grid with 25 unique numbers upon it ranging from 1 to 75. Just fill in entire vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines or one of the special patterns to win!

Don't worry, these patterns (which include alphabet, number and multi-combination configurations) will be clearly shown for each game. This means your paths towards a payout are numerous. Sounds like top fun doesn't it? Yes? So get bingoing!

75-BallBig Fat 1000:01:443 players£0.10£0£0
75-BallRoller Coaster03:31:449 players£1.00£100£500
75-BallMystery Jackpots04:31:4434 players£0.05£18£10
75-BallBOUNCE'T05:31:448 players£0.50£24£281
75-Ball£600 Dreamy Monday17:01:44380 players£0.05£599£600