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Captain Keno

Keno is a simple to play but enjoyable game of chance where you pick numbers from a grid and lay bets upon them appearing during a round. It's really that straightforward!

Captain Keno is also there to help you make your choices via his amazing psychic powers.

The minimum bet is 50p and the maximum bet is £300 but wait for this, the top payout is a staggering 100,000 times your bet if you select 15 numbers! Wowsers!

You can choose between 1 - 15 balls to get things going, while the turns and payout per hits are displayed in the right hand paytable.

Did you know?

Keno was initially played in China during the Han Dynasty and only made its way to the USA in the mid nineteenth century via the Chinese immigrants who had come to help dig mines and lay the railroads. The game used to be played with traditional Chinese characters but these were replaced by normal numerals so it could be more easily understood by westerners.