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Frolikin' Frogs Multi-Scratch

An evolved and even more enjoyable scratch game starring the lovable hoppers? Yes please!

This version excursion of the froggy chorus now sees the action centred around a single fat central ribbeter, who is encircled by five lily pads each with five smaller frog atop it.

You can choose up to 5 tickets per go and then bet between 5 pence and a round fiver on as many of these as you please, with the price of the bet rising accordingly with each pick.

You can scratch each frog in isolation to see if you've chosen successfully - as before, frogs of the same colour yield a cash payout - but hold on, there's a twist! Unusually for a scratchcard game here you get not one but two chances to win on each lily pad you lay a stake on - WOW!

And if that wasn't enough the insects that lurk underneath the lily pads and frogs also win prizes!

Did you know?

Lily pads (which are also known as water lilies), are part of the family of flowering freshwater plants named Nymphaeaceaeis. They grow in both temperate and tropical climates. Lily pads are split into either 'hardy' or 'tropical' varieties, where the hardy variety blooms during the day whereas the tropical type can bloom in either the day or at night.