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Keno is your game of pure chance unencumbered by the confusing complexities and multitudinous rules of other casino games.

So if you're born under a lucky star you're going to come away laughing!

All you have to do is choose 15 numbers from a grid of 60 before a draw of 20 winning digits.

You can lay a stake of your own choosing on each winning number so the payback can be handsome if fortune smiles on you!

A cute girl in a sparkly red dress is your host as you play, guiding you through the easygoing rule set.

The odds for the player are favourable so there's no reason not to enjoy this clean and simple game and reap the rewards!

Did you know?

Keno came to America via immigrant workers from China who helped build the first cross-country railroads there in the 1800s. In its initial format players chose from an array of Chinese letters but once in the U.S these symbols were replaced by more easily understandable numbers. As lotteries were banned in US casinos in the 1930s the game was rebadged as ‘Horse Race Keno’ to circumvent these rules. To this day a round of Keno is still known as a 'race' because of this.