How to Play Bingo

There's absolutely no need to worry if you haven't played online bingo before because we've put together this handy guide to get you started. There's some great tips for experienced players too!

Getting Started

Simply click on one of the 'Play Now' links from our website which will then take you to our Bingo lobby. From the bingo lobby you can access all of our bingo plus instant win games.

Select the Game

The next bingo game to be played will be displayed detailing the pattern type, card value and time until the game starts. Take note of the pattern and card value, and click if you want to play the game.

Select & Buy Bingo Cards

You will be issued 24 randomly generated bingo cards. These are displayed on the screen in batches of six cards at a time. To scroll between all of the 24 cards, use the left and right arrow buttons at the top left of the card display area. The current batch will be displayed in the navigation panel as for example "cards 6-12". To select or deselect a card, simply click anywhere on the card. The navigation panel on the right of the screen will display the number of cards you have selected.

If you do not like the cards that have been issued to you, you can click the "Get New Cards" button at the top of the card display area. This will issue you with new randomly generated unselected cards. You can also have the game automatically select cards for you, to save you clicking and scrolling individual cards. You can auto select 6,12,18,24 or the maximum number of cards allowed. After you are satisfied with your selected cards, click on the "Buy Selected Cards" button on the navigation panel. This will purchase your selected cards. Please note that purchases are not refundable. Each purchased card will display a card number at the bottom of the card. The navigation panel will display the number of purchased cards you have for the upcoming game.

The top of the screen will display the number of players, jackpot and time until the game begins.

Click the "?" button at any time to display this help window.

Toggle the sound on and off by clicking the sound icon button.

Fund your account by clicking "Banking".

Playing Bingo

The screen will warn you that the game is about to begin. The game screen will display your purchased cards in batches of 6 (assuming you purchased more than 6 cards). You can scroll between cards by clicking the left and right arrow buttons located at the top of the card area. The current batch of cards is also displayed as, for example "cards 1-6 of 9".

The top of the screen displays the number of people playing and current jackpot of the game.

You can toggle the "Show from 3tg" (three numbers to go before your card has bingo) by clicking the button at the top of the card display area. When selected, all cards with 3, 2 or 1 number to go will be indicated.

You can toggle the autodauber by clicking the "Autodauber" button at the top of the card display area. When autodauber is on, the game automatically marks or "daubs" your card when your numbers are called out. When autodauber is off, your card numbers are not automatically daubed, and you can mark them yourself by clicking the number on the card. Called numbers are daubed in pink if they form part of the required BINGO pattern for the current game.

Please note that whether or not you daub the numbers, and how you daub them has no effect on the game outcome. IF YOU HAVE A WINNING BINGO CARD YOU WILL ALWAYS WIN!

The top of the screen will display the number of players, jackpot and time until the game begins.

Click the "?" button to display this help window.

Fund your account by clicking "Banking".

The current game name and pattern is also displayed.

When the game starts, there is a slight pause before the balls are called out.

The balls are drawn in a random order and are displayed at the top right of the screen, accompanied by a voice calling the numbers out.

Remember, you can switch the sound off and on by clicking the "sound" icon/button.

Each called ball is displayed on the bingo board, and the last 5 calls are displayed to the right.

At the end of the game, BINGO! will be called and the winner(s) aliases are displayed. Your winnings will automatically be added to account when you win.

The game will then either automatically go back to the next game screen after a short time, or after you click "OK".


Bingorella is renowned for its fun chat rooms. In the rooms you can talk to other players, ask questions with our chat moderators, play games to earn loyalty points and ultimately meet and make new friends.

The chat window is available from the game selection screen. Click on the "Chat" button at the lower right of the screen to connect to the Bingorella chat rooms. Occasionally some of our players have problems connecting to the chat rooms because their computers are set-up behind firewalls. If you have any trouble connecting please contact us.

The chat system is composed of 3 main areas:

  • The rooms and message display area
  • The control panel and text input area
  • The other chatter's alias area

The top of the message display window displays the current room you are chatting in. This defaults to the Main Room when you connect initially. Roll over the down arrow at the right of the room you are chatting in and you will see a list of other rooms that are open for chatting. You will also see the number of people talking in each room and you can select the room you want to chat in.

The message window displays the text conversations from the people in your chat room. The alias' of the other people who are also chatting is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. You can mute/un-mute (stop / start) the chatter by clicking on an individual's alias in that window.

To send a chat message, enter the text in the orange "send" box and press "Enter" or click the "send" arrow button. You can also send quick abbreviated messages by clicking on the green abbreviation buttons. Rolling over these buttons will display their meaning in the chat community.

"REFRESH" will refresh the rooms and players in the chat system. "CLEAR" will clear the message window. "QUIT" exits the chat system.

Bingorella does not tolerate rude or offensive chat and players who violate this rule will be removed from the site.