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Enchanted Prince

In the worlds of fairytale and make-believe...

Every ribbeting pond-dweller is in fact really a dashing prince ready to sweep an unsuspecting princess of her feet (should she choose to snog a slimy reptile for some reason or other).

It's as good a theme as any for a slots game, we're sure you'll all agree, and so we're proud to present Enchanted Prince for your delight, entertainment and financial gain!

Picture the scene - you're a spinster princess, wandering aimlessly through the grounds of Daddy's palace between endless pony etiquette lessons but are suddenly presented with a warty toad, squatting on a lily pad. Oddly, the frog wears sunglasses and a crown, cluing you in that he may be no ordinary croaker and worth a good smooch.

For yes, he is actually a scion of royalty and in a puff of magic gas, turns into a hunky king-to-be. Ba-da-boom! – you're sorted, love.

This 5 reel, 25 win-line slots game lets you play out that touching moment again and again and again but with the added appeal of giving you money!. There's Wilds (the crown symbol) and Scatters (the frog prince) and all the other usual stuff, so what are you waiting for? Amphibious romance and big cash payouts are yours for the taking!

Did you know?

The Bufo alvarius species of toad exudes a strong psychoactive substance from their pores that can be milked and used recreationally by ne'er do wells looking to get high. Could this be a basis for the Princess and the Frog story? Maybe the Prince was merely a hallucination?