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Flowers: Christmas Edition

Those of you hankering for a nice simple slots game with a pleasant theme of Christmas will be happy to play Flowers Christmas Edition – it's refreshing in in its straightforward nature and elegant simplicity, much like the blooms that are its namesake.

But these frosty blossoms have plenty of character too – on the five reels there's a thorny rose with a grumpy face, upbeat sunflowers, a downcast bluebell (I guess he's feeling the blues), relaxed pond lily and vicious-looking Venus Fly Traps.

And the flower power doesn’t stop there – there are 30 verdant paylines and double symbols in the main game alongside free spins which function the same as two individual symbols and a x3 multiplier. On top of this Stacked Wilds in Free Spins mean your chances of getting a winning payout grow like a field of poppies at the height of summer!

We never promised you a rose garden, but play Flowers slots and life could be bed of roses - win big and you could even take some gardening leave!

Did You Know?

In the 1600s, tulip bulbs symbolized life, love and immortality,. During that time these flowers became more valuable than gold! Egyptians considered the lotus a sacred flower and used them in burial rituals. In Tantric practices, the lotus is a symbol of purity, self-transcendence, expanding consciousness and the female organ.