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Gets The Worm

Picture the scene: As dawn breaks and the sunrise grudgingly emerges over the horizon a lowly worm inches its way across a garden, intent on finding a tasty pile of whatever it is that worms eat for breakfast.

He thinks he's safe, because he's got up out of his worm-bed nice and early, but little does he know beady eyes are watching him from an elevated branch, high above his feeble field of annelid vision.

A sudden drop, snap-unfurling of wings and a silent swoop herald the poor worm's final moments, as a bird has been up long before the day's beginning, and his prudence and punctuality has reaped a wriggling reward.

The wisdom of the proverb rings true across the ages, and is highly applicable to this slots game in which you are the canny bird and the hapless worm is the prizes that you can hunt and gobble up into the stomach that is your wallet or purse.

Five reels and 25 play lines see the expected reel symbols such as feathered friends, birdbaths, flowers, bird feeders and the doomed worm itself (which is the Scatter).

The Wild is the hungry bird so it's all very approachable and easy to understand but if you're feeling lucky you can choose to boost your winnings with the Gamble feature.

Did you know?

The chicken is the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.